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New In – Blast Cleaning

Our desire to ensure our customers get the very best reconditioned mezzanine floors prompted Installation By Design Ltd to commission our own blast chamber, enabling us to achieve the high quality & professional finishes to the steel framework.

The core of any modern abrasive blast system is the blast room. Confining the blasting operation to a controlled, clean environment enable efficient abrasive recycling. Our bespoke blast room consists of an amply lit work area and abrasive reclaim floor that begins the recycling process.

Our common sense approach to designing our blast room began with understanding the size of the items that we will be blasting. Due to the nature of our work, the need to accommodate large steel sections has given us a high volume production area, enabling us to take on even the biggest jobs.

As well as doing our own in-house blast cleaning services, Installation By Design Ltd welcome both industrial and domestics enquiries.